Why a Profile Evaluation?


Most Universities look beyond your GRE and GMAT scores while considering your application for admission. For MS programs, this could be your CGPA, Research Focus, or just the profile alignment to the program that you are applying for. Whereas for MBA programs, there is a good amount of emphasis on work profile, roles, and responsibilities.


As every candidate is different and the pre-requisites are subjective, it is very confusing for students to understand where they stand among their competition and how good their profiles are for admission to Universities of their choice. A profile evaluation will simplify things for you and help you understand where you stand vis-à-vis competition.

Also, for students who still have ample time in their hands to start off the application process(B.Tech I, II & III yr. student / MBA Aspirants), this evaluation would be an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and feedback on areas of improvements.

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