MIM Rankings

Masters in Management

Masters in Management (MIM) is a program specifically tailored for students with 0-24 months of experience, who would like to continue their education with a post-graduate degree in management. MIM programs are common in European Universities, most of them being specialized programs either grating a MA or an MSc degree. This article takes a look at the MIM Rankings.


MIM Rankings


With an increase in the demand for Masters Program in Management, there are many Universities today offering MIM, MA or MSc programs in various specialization in management. North American universities although offer some of the top MBA programs have been late to join the bandwagon. We have collated here some of the top MIM programs in the world with their Financial Times MIM Ranking and QS MIM Rankings.

As you go about your MIM admission process, it is important to understand the standings and stature of universities offering such programs. It is also important to know which universities suit your requirements and choose college applications wisely. Although these MIM Rankings may play an important role in deciding the university and country, you should not be ignoring other factors like the curriculum, peer group, diversity, job opportunities, ease of settling in, and the overall exposure you would gain while undergoing your course at the university.


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